Pamela Anderson She’s Almost Unrecognizable

Pamela Anderson :


So fans have never seen Pamela Anderson: at a Gala in Beverly Hills she was as natural as rare.


She holds the ‘ Playboy ‘ record with a total of 14 cover titles and is still the dream of many men with 49 years: Pamela Anderson. With plumper bust, a blond, flowing mane and a thick applied makeup, she has maintained for years the sex image. But atĀ the “Sean Penn & friends Haiti rising Gala the former “Baywatch”-Nixe from a new,natural side showed in Beverly Hills.


A truly natural appearance


The actress gave up her dramatic makeup including thick black eyeliner and surprised with an unfamiliar course made-up face. Anderson had modestly packed their curves. Not a mega neckline and an elegant black dress cuddled on the body of the 49-year-olds.


I’m sure that at this unusual sight quickly OP rumors made the rounds. Has the actress once again put under the knife? Smooth forehead, the falseness face it had sworn off Anderson but the beauty craze. “Aging is beauty, wisdom and time for me.I like old”, she announced last year. Or their change is actually only on her new natural look back?


The power of makeup knows even Uma Thurman


Hollywood star Uma Thurman showed that a new make-up can trigger the wildest speculation, already beginning 2015 complete without mascara the actress looked like a different person. About the numerous discussions her stylist Troy Surratt said at the time: “I‘m absolutely surprised. Now let’s be all aware of the power of make-up”.If this power can bring back even the wrinkle-free youth, that probably must decideĀ every man for himself.

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