Lola Kirke Armpit Hair Shocker on The Red Carpet

Lola Kirke :


Pretty brave or just disgusting? Lola Kirke shows with unshaven armpits on the red carpet.


If this is even not a beauty statement: actress Lola Kirke (“gone girl“) presented at the Golden Globes not only a chic evening dress, but also caution their armpit hair.Quite openly the 26-year-old released repeatedly overlooking their unshaven armpits.


Whether she wanted to provoke it? Not necessarily. Kirke did not, to the show, herĀ armpits. The unusual hair flashed only occasionally. What is a real no-go for many, is just normal for Kirke.


By the way, is not the only celebrity lady who relies on full naturalness. Let also Madonna, Scout Willis or Miley Cyrus like to grow the hair under the arms.

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